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Montemaggi Law is a firm of attorneys focusing on Workers' Compensation, Social Security Disability, and Veterans' Disability Benefits and is based in Rochester, NY.

Because experience counts…

At Montemaggi Law, the attorneys have a combined legal experience of 70 years practicing law. Let that experience work for you as to your Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability, or Veterans’ Disability case. Our experience and know-how lets us provide the highest quality legal representation to you. We know the “ins and outs” of the Workers’ Compensation Law, Social Security Law and Veterans' Disability Law and can make sure you get the best result.

We pledge to provide you with the highest level of legal representation placing your interests first and to provide an honest and thorough evaluation of your case. We pledge to fight on your behalf so that you receive maximum benefits as provided by law. It is the goal of Montemaggi Law to bring justice to injured workers and the disabled.

Representing injured workers and the disabled since 1976

At Montemaggi Law, we exclusively represent injured workers and the disabled in Workers’ Compensation, Social Security and Veterans' Disability claims. By focusing only on disability claims, with an aggressive but careful and balanced approach, we are able to obtain for our clients maximum benefits as quickly as the law provides.

The Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability, and Veteran’s Disability systems were created to benefit the injured worker and the disabled. Despite this, they are complex and confusing. When you are represented by an attorney at Montemaggi Law, your interests will be of the greatest importance and the attorneys will insure that you get through the process of these systems fairly and as quickly as possible. We take pride in being a small office so that the individual attorneys can provide your case the attention it deserves.

We will fight on your behalf

If you have a claim for Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability or Veterans' Disability you need a lawyer from Montemaggi Law. These cases are often difficult and complicated with no one looking out for the injured worker or the disabled. No one with a work injury or a disability and the associated pain and financial difficulties wants to be at the mercy of the Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability or Veterans' Disability systems alone. In Workers’ Compensation claims, the insurance companies frequently fight claims or parts of claims. They can raise all kinds of issues to try to defeat your claim, reduce benefits or deny medical treatment. In Social Security and Veterans’ disability claims, the government agencies that process and decide claims have complicated rules that create obstacles to proving your case.

An attorney from Montemaggi Law can guide you through the system and fight for you so that you receive maximum benefits as provided by law with the least amount of frustration possible. Many people struggle their way through these claims without an attorney, often having their claims denied or never really knowing whether they received the full benefits to which they are entitled. Having an experienced attorney from Montemaggi Law will never hurt your case, but not having one certainly could.

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