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18 Jun 2010

New York State budget crisis threatens unnecessary delay of Workers Compensation cases

Posted by Paul J. Antonowicz

The current crisis regarding the state budget in Albany poses a potential to needlessly delay Workers’ Compensation cases. Although the Workers’ Compensation Board is fully funded by payments from insurance carriers and self-insured employers, it has been decided that the Workers’ Compensation Board would shutdown in the event of a state government shutdown. This would cause totally unnecessary delays in tens of thousands of Workers’ Compensation claims across New York State. This would be bad for everyone in the system. Many claimants would be required to wait for much-needed increases in benefits that require hearing or other action by the Workers’ Compensation Board, to resolve issues regarding payment of medical bills or to have their claims for benefits addressed at all. This would also stall appeals which already take a long time to resolve. I urge everyone who reads this to contact your state senator and state assembly member and to tell them to exclude the Workers’ Compensation Board from any government shutdown. Tell them that this is totally unnecessary since the state government does not fund the Workers’ Compensation Board and injured workers and other parties in workers’ compensation cases should not suffer unnecessary delays.