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08 Sep 2010

New Rules Make It Easier For Veterans With PTSD To Get Benefits

Posted by Paul J. Antonowicz
Earlier this summer, the VA made new rules that should make it easier for combat veterans to prove a claim for disability due to PTSD. This rule applies only to veterans who served in a war or combat zone. Previously, such veterans had to prove that a specific event or events was the cause of the PTSD. This is frequently very difficult to prove and made it even more difficult to prove for veterans who served in non-combat roles to show a specific event even though they may have suffered extremely traumatic events. Under the new rule, combat veterans need only to show that they served in a combat or war zone in a role that is consistent with events they claim happened, without independent proof of such events. Remember this applies only if you served in a combat or war zone and not simply because you served during a time of war or conflict but outside the war or combat zone. You can learn more by reviewing the New York Times article at this link: