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About the firm

Lewis Montemaggi began practicing Workers’ Compensation and disability law in 1976. Because of this high level of experience, the firm has built a superior reputation for excellence and integrity.

We are dedicated to helping people like you

Our dedication to injured workers’ and the disabled is a passion, not just a way to make a living. We are truly dedicated to helping injured workers and the disabled obtain the benefits they need and deserve. The combined and individual experience of our team of attorneys and staff is unique in Rochester, NY. Our team approach assures that you will receive the prompt and immediate attention that your case deserves. At Montemaggi Law we believe that our passion and experience makes all the difference.

Healthcare workers often have injuries to their hands, arms, knees, neck and back from assisting patients, making beds, cleaning rooms or lifting activities. Frequently healthcare workers and others may also be injured by exposure to latex and other chemicals.

Our attorneys are very experienced

At many law firms, an attorney is assigned to your case and that attorney may be on their own in representing you. You may be assigned to an attorney with little experience. At Montemaggi Law none of our attorneys has less than 15 years of legal experience. Also, our team approach ensures that the attorneys can use each others experience to provide better representation. Our staff will handle matters that don’t necessarily require an attorney’s attention, freeing your attorney to focus on the big issues in your case and ensuring that problems are addressed as soon as possible. At Montemaggi Law you get the best of both worlds with an experienced attorney assigned to handle your case and the benefit of over 70 years of combined legal experience.

Office workers often develop problems with their hands, arms and neck from repetitive work activities. These include carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome (elbow).