Montemaggi Law - Workers Compensation Attorneys

What sets us apart

At Montemaggi Law, we strive to keep ahead of the game by anticipating problems and taking an active approach to our cases. We will not sit idly by waiting for the insurance company or government agency to make a move. Wherever possible and advisable, we will take action to resolve issues.

The Montemaggi team

Our team approach enables us to provide faster, better service and to often prevent problems before they occur. We also pledge to provide you with a realistic assessment of your case, how to best handle the issues that come up and what we can or cannot achieve.

From left to right: James Meserve, Lew Montemaggi and Paul Antonowicz

Many law firms will assign an attorney to your case and that attorney will be the only person working on your case. This can lead to frustrating communication issues when you have to wait for that attorney to return a call or be able to address the issues in your case. Also, that attorney may have relatively little experience. At Montemaggi Law, an attorney will be assigned to handle your case and be the person in charge of your claim. However, you will also have our entire team on your side.

Our knowledgeable staff can address many of your questions and help resolve many problems on your case as soon as possible by staying on top of the insurance company or government agency that needs to resolve the problem.

Our experience

Also, every attorney at Montemaggi Law has more than a decade of legal experience and is available to help on your case when needed. We provide the best of both worlds. You will get the benefit of both a highly experienced attorney assigned to your case and the benefits of an effective team on your side. With Montemaggi Law, you can rest assured that your case will get the attention and experience you deserve.

Our approach

We believe in taking control of the system, instead of waiting for things to happen. We will take the lead in resolving issues on your case rather than wait for a hearing to be scheduled or for the other side to make a move, unless we believe it is to your advantage to wait. This approach helps to move cases through the system as quickly as possible and avoid many of the pitfalls in these cases. Our unmatched experience helps us predict possible problems and what things the insurance company or government agency might do in your case. At Montemaggi Law we will take control of the process to make sure things get done and that we get the best results.

Many jobs require work at or above shoulder height. Such jobs can cause elbow, shoulder or neck injuries. These may include warehouse workers, retail workers, construction workers and even office workers.