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"I would definitely have Paul handle any future worker’s compensation cases"

"Prior to being referred to Paul, I had 2 different worker’s compensation attorneys for my case. Those attorneys were very unprofessional, would not return my phone calls or meet with me prior to court dates. Paul and I scheduled a meeting in which I gave him all my information. Paul handled everything from that day forward, consulting with me and keeping me informed of the status of my case. Paul even made court appearances after my case had been settled, at no extra charge. I would definitely have Paul handle any future worker’s compensation cases and will definitely refer him to anyone in need of a worker’s compensation attorney."

Carol K. Rochester, NY

Construction workers may also develop repetitive injuries due to the nature of their work activities including reaching, grasping, twisting and working in awkward positions.

"Lew Montemaggi will be there for you now and when you need him"

"I have recently retired from the office Of Business Agent representing the Bargaining Unit employees of Local 323 IUE-CWA.

In the late seventies I met a young attorney named Lew Montemaggi he was retained by the Local for assistance in Worker Compensation issues.

On each issue he was asked to review or advise for our members his actions were always precise and direct.

Of the many employees that chose to utilize his services there were never any that were displeased with his direction and/or representation.

As American manufacturing was beginning to fade away the Local soon had to curtail its spending and with that we had to dissolve the retainer agreement with Lew and his firm.

You would think that this would have caused hard feelings or lack of service, much to the contrary Lew’s dedication to the injured workers of the Rochester area became even more pronounced.

He was and is the go to man for many of the other attorneys in our area seeking direction or advise relating to NYS Compensation laws.

Of course we would suggest his services to our members and there were those that thought they would seek out assistance from a lawyer of their own personal choice. Some of these same members would ultimately end up in Lew’s office after finding that there attorney recommended Lew for compensation matters.

His knowledge, wisdom, perseverance and determination are what give him the winning edge. He is reveled by his peers the Compensation board knows him as this has been his business place for over thirty years. They all know that although he is firm and strong he knows when and how to get to where he and his clients need to be. When you see him in action as he is representing you before the Board you know without words he is highly respected as a competent & knowledgeable professional representing your rights before the board and most of all he is a gentleman. He knows what hard work is all about; he knows that some employers may not be worried about whether or not their employees are safe and working without the threat of injury, harm or death. You will notice that the TV attorneys come and go and the loud redundant ads are here today gone tomorrow Local 323, its Executive board and represented members can attest that Lew Montemaggi will be there for you now and when you need him."

Bernard S., Retired Business Agent, Rochester NY

Plumbers frequently sustain both accidental and repetitive injuries because of the job duties. These can include carpal tunnel syndrome, other hand injuries, arm and shoulder injuries.

"I highly recommend this office"

"This firm has helped me get through all the legal paper work when I was injured on the job. If I had any questions they would talk them through with me until I fully understood. They made sure that the company paid me for all medical bills and lost wages. When I had a question they called me the same day as where my employer would take a couple of weeks. Thank you Mr. Montemaggi for all the help you have done for me and my family during my injury. I highly recommend this office to all my friends and co-workers. Thank you."

Terrance V., Rochester, NY

"I would highly recommend the law firm of Mr. Montemaggi to anyone seeking legal assistance"

"I am writing this testimonial in regards to the law firm of Mr. Lewis Montemaggi. I used his firm in a case which involved me being injured at my job. I ended up getting factory asthma and it ended my career. I was informed by numerous people regarding Mr. Montemaggi's law office and decided to go to him. My wife and I were very pleased with his knowledge and his regard to the nature of my circumstances. Mr. Montemaggi was very attentive, pleasant, and made sure that my case was handled accordingly and in a timely fashion. He and his staff were extremely helpful in any way possible and were very courteous. When I would phone the office he was always willing to talk and answer any questions or concerns I may have had. I can honestly say he is one of the most respectful, caring lawyers that I have ever met. I would highly recommend the law firm of Mr. Montemaggi to anyone seeking legal assistance."

Richard P., Rochester, NY

"Thank you for the excellent work"

"I want to thank you for the excellent work your associate Paul Antonowicz has provided on my Workers' Compensation and Social Security cases. The first time he stepped in for my Comp case he recommended that I apply for Social Security Disability. After being rejected the first time, Paul took over and guided me in the right direction to win my Social Security claim. He also has worked very hard to maximize my Workers' Compensation case. He shows that he really cares about getting the most for case and continues to work hard to get me the maximum benefits. Make sure you keep this attorney around, he knows the Social Security and Workers' Comp systems well. Thanks again."

David M., Rochester, NY

"Thank you for all you did for us"

"I thank you for your kind concern and condolences on the death of David. We often spoke of you over the years about how kind you were to both of us and how grateful we were for your getting David his compensation benefits.

Again, I thank you for all you did for us. We probably would not have been able to live as well as we did if it were not for the compensation we received along with his social security and pension."

Marcia H., Alexander, NY

"Your presence has been an anchor for my sanity"

"I am finding it difficult to find the words to express how grateful I am to you for representing me throughout this Workers' Comp process.

This has been a very difficult time for me. I cannot tell you what a relief it has been for me to know that I have your representation. Your legal expertise, professionalism and integrity are continually evident. Quite frankly, your presence has been an anchor for my sanity.

Trish E., Rochester, NY

Retail workers often have injuries from repetitive activities such as running a cash register, scanning items, stocking shelves and packing bags.

"You handled yourself with the utmost professionalism"

"It has now been some three months since the final decision in my compensation case. Things have now become somewhat easier for us.

As you know I received a lump sum, partial weekly payments and my out of pocket prescription costs, which are considerable. This was a direct result of your abilities.

The media often gives lawyers a "bad rap". In everything that I observed you handled yourself with the utmost professionalism, even when facing two lawyers (which was the norm). You were never at a disadvantage. If everyone that had to face the trauma of a lengthy compensation case could be represented by a lawyer of your caliber, the public would be better served. Thank you for your efforts."

Cesar D., Rochester, NY

"Paul and his firm can be counted on to protect their clients’ best interests"

"Having an accident is frustrating enough but the Workers Comp process creates more stress and anxiety at a time when recovery should be the top priority. Although I resisted seeking legal counsel for several months, the paperwork and constant issues with the claims processing firm created a nightmare of time-consuming calls and follow-ups—and unnecessary time out of the office! Paul Antonowicz has been knowledgeable, professional and thorough from the moment I met with him. No question was too small; no detail was too trivial. I could return to a focus on healing knowing that he has the experience to navigate these difficult waters, fight for what I rightly deserved and ensure that nothing was dropped. Unfortunately, it is too easy to feel like a victim with Workers Comp, but Paul and his firm can be counted on to protect their clients’ best interests throughout recovery and beyond. He has restored my confidence that this process can be tamed—to protect the rights and well-being—of the employee."

Margi O., Rochester, NY

"I found great comfort that you were there"

"Dear Paul, Just wanted to thank you again for all of your help in dealing with my Workman's Comp issues during a very stressful time for me. Your expertise, professionalism and negotiation skills helped me to gain far more, in terms of a settlement, than I would have otherwise. Throughout every step of this two year process, I found great comfort that you were there to guide me with clear expectations. Please know that I am grateful to you and would highly recommend your services to anyone in need of a Workman's Comp attorney."

Nick D., Rochester, NY

"I don't know what I would do without them"

"I would like to take a few minutes to tell you about my experience with the law firm Montemaggi and Associates. I was hurt on the job in 2007 and wasn't able to return to work. My attorney handled both my Workman's compensation case and my Social Security case. Their firm was well recommended by my private attorney. I hired their attorney Paul Antonowicz who won both my compensation and social security cases. I am very thankful, as I don't know what I would do without them."

Paul D., Rochester, NY

"Professionalism, support, kindness, time and help"

"My Workers Compensation case happens to be very, very complicated. Dealing with a very hard case demands a great deal of work and time. I'm very thankful for the Montemaggi & Associates legal team for all of their professionalism, support, kindness, time and help!"

S. J., Rochester, NY

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